Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Dream Act? More like the hyprocritical nightmare act.

Obama's war against America, especially the middle class and "white" America takes an all new low. That speech which was really a campaign speech pandering to the lowest class of his evil mentality was racist, bigoted and down right hypocritical.

First of all, remember he's talking about illegal alien children, not anchor babies. These are children that were born and citizens of their "homeland". So this statement "We shouldn't punish the children for the crimes of their parents" was fallacious on many fronts. First, it doesn't reflect the real world. If I drive my car with my kids into a canal, we're all going to die. If I don't work, they don't eat as well as I. This is why people need to learn to be responsible before having children because what we do does effect them. Just look at Obama's mother as a prime demonstration. While we're on "doing it for the children" theme, if it's so wrong for the children not be punish or pay for their parent's mistakes, why does he support abortion?

His statement of how immigration, or in this case illegal immigration, has made America demonstrates his either hatred or down right ignorance of how America was built. Most immigrants came here legally and had something to offer their new home country. These example of how they're all better than we are, especially white male America, was as racist and continues with his class warfare mentality. We're talking about tens of million and they're not all exception and frankly, 3/4 of them are illiterate in Spanish, so they're no where near the brightest as Obama thinks the dumbest and most ignorant illegal alien is far superior intellectually than the smartest white male. Frankly, if this is all true, why aren't the sewer pipe they leave from that they try to rot America into faring better than the US?

This policy would be against our interests. These children were born and had their most informative years raised in their resident country. Where do you think their loyalty will be. This nonsense has been tried before: by the Romans. Not only where they defending borders that they were way over extended to defend, but used hired help from the very tribes they were defending against. They just turned on Rome when their home country's interests were at risk. Take a look at how these ungrateful foreign nationalists behave now. We have parts of our country off limits as the signs face north to not enter, our schools are ruined, the nationals wave their home country's flags as expected as history continues demonstrate. Second, we're already bankrupt from the laws that aren't being enforced. Third, this will just encourage more illegal activity as we are going to continue to reward illegal activity. I would ask the question to these invaders that demonstrate their hatred of the US and their love for Latin Nation, Russia, Vietnam, China, etc, would you become a citizen seeing how much the government gives to you being illegal versus how they treat their citizen by screwing them, both by giving preferences and the bill? Some how, other to bring their relatives from their countries, they gain no advantages.

The simple fact, we have enough crime, we don't need more by rewarding criminal behavior, we're broke, the states are going under, and have enough pandering to the invasions. The Dream is really a nightmare to the tax payer, and let's face it. One these illegals have their degree and citizenship, it will be a nightmare for them as they will learn there aren't any jobs or money to reward them with as well.

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