Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leave BO to not disappoint by taking defeat out of the jaw of victory.

I have to admit, this administration has actually amazed me. After gaining a huge victory, they managed to screw it completely up. Instead of taking pride, as the President seemed to do when announcing that Osama (no, not Obama as Fox news managed to make a fool of themselves by stating) was killed, things seemed right in the world, the sky was bluer, like the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, people were actually, after a decade of BS and cultural defeat, we can actually win the war on terror. Heck, the savages even got their carcasses out of the streets in their protest and hate speeches.

However, a man and his minions that are incapable of telling the truth have gone out and, one, try to smear the SEAL's that did this fine work by making them look like savages, and two, obfuscate the whole thing by putting out 5 different stories, and three, refuse to show the photos as being too graphic. As for number 3, please, I saw the victims splatter like watermelons on 911, so seeing this evil piece of garbage have what little brains he had splatter would be no big thing. This whole stupid bruhahaha (that means crazy in Tagalog) is to appease the hatred of those that want us dead. In a matter of 48 hours we've gone from being able to win, to we can win because we can't offend the enemy by killing their evil, savage asses so we can't promote it. All I can say is, "way to go BO. You finally did something right and butcher it beyond recondition making even Osama's face look pretty in comparison.". Now, I'll never believe anything they say anymore nor have any more faith (as if I had any to begin with, now it's completely gone.)

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