Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Supreme Court intervening in State Rights?

The supreme court, in an insane 5-4 decision, decided to infringe on state rights, in this case California, home of the radical leftist, and DEMAND the release of 40,000 prisoners and the reason should disgust anyone with any kind of sensibilities: quality of THEIR health care. The government meddling into the health care debate is going to have "negative consequences" as Scalia said or paraphrase to something like that.

This decision is an abomination because our prisons are overcrowded for two main reasons. One the fault of bleeding heart antagonist like the ACLU. The other is the federal government's fault and they want the state to pay for their neglect. The first being is that we don't use the death penalty. There's a bit of trick question out there that goes: "What state sentence the most people to death row?" Most think Texas or Florida, but they would be wrong. Those are the states that EXECUTE the most on death row, but California is king of the death sentence which no criminal here takes seriously as we've only had, what, 6 execution since 1978, 33 years. Currently we have over 1000 prisoners on death row, and sickening as it is, most can qualify for parole if their appeals are dragged out long enough (til 3 strikes that is). So we got a bunch of bleeding hearts making prison over crowded by appealing for their rights. Yet the unborn is open game. Go figure. What's worse now is that our execution method is being challenged as too inhumane as the needles "hurts" the prisoners. Oh man, you can't make up this kind of stupidity. Killing a innocent human being is humane, but sticking a needle in him is too painful. As well as they want to pull the license of any doctor or pharmacist that prescribes one of the drugs that is used to execute the prisoners. We wonder why people out of state see us as the land of fruits and nuts (and not the agricultural kind either)?

The second reason and the main one that makes the court hypocritical: Illegal Aliens. one third of our prisoners are illegal aliens (no, they're not undocumented immigrants as their crime, other than the one that started it all, crossing our borders illegally). Very violent aliens at that. A great deal are members of the MS-13 and other gangs. Keep in mind, the 40,000 they want released are FELONS, not your non-violent drug user, but hard core, immoral, amoral, and soulless ghouls that will feed upon the law abiding populace. How much less crowding, including those that aren't felons that contribute to the overpopulation, would we have if the federal government did it's job instead of catering to votes they're not entitled to have. Remember, the same ACLU that are suing for the prisoner's rights also fight for the illegal alien under the clandestine terminology of "undocumented immigration"? What do you think these evil goons, both foreign and domestic, are going to do when they get out? Most likely back to their old line of work that got them in prison in the first place. Since we're "overcrowded", where are we going to do with them when they do?

What disgusts me the most isn't the coddling of prisoners the evil malcontents in our society, as well of those of foreign country that we're all too willing to accept without question, especially in LA and San Fransicko, but how they're entitled to a privilege, yes I said privilege, that many law abiding citizen don't have: free health care. 15% of citizens (that's citizens, keep in mind illegals get it free) don't even have health care, while about 25% are under covered. That means these prisoners get more than 40%, as they get everything, even cancer treatment. There have been cases were illegal aliens came here to break our law to be assure of getting the long term care they needed. We wonder why as a state we're broke as well as the Federal government that can run deficits? Better yet, why should the states pay for federal neglect? They make these mandates to the state, refuse to fund them, and then throw the wolves at us when the problem escalates beyond control and now some of the life in prison is better than those that produce and provide in this country. Oh well, soon we will have Obamacare, but I have to wonder one thing: will the ACLU sue to get an exemption for prisoners. Given how our government attitude is, I'll wager this same group of 5 morons in black robes will demand the federal government grant it.

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Opus #6 said...

The next child who gets injured by these criminals will be on the heads of the libs who are ruining CA.