Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Think Businesses are on our side? Think again.

I tried to avoid reading the editorials as our newspaper here isn't worthy to line the bird cage. One piece got my attention and my goat. It was written by a farm owner who basically calls those of us opposing illegal aliens as hyprocites and prejudicial. He argues that Americans are too stupid, lazy, or cheap to do the work that he needs and those that oppose are akin to the slave owners in the South before the Civil War. Let's take a look at his reasoning.

First of all, he's a criminal as he admits he's hiring illegal aliens to do his work and doesn't provide any housing, benefits, or social costs of his slaves. He's basically admitted that he's a slave driver and can't survive without his slaves. The same arguments that the South made before the Civil War and their industries survived after they were rebuilt after the war.

He first mentions that nobody is lining up to do the work by grudging in the mud to harvest the melons that he grows. Really, why is that? He doesn't mention what he pays, but I'll be willing to bet it's below minimum wage, so yes, he's right. We won't work for $2/hour to drudge in the mud to pick melons. While he's praising the illegal aliens, who work for $2/hours with no benefits nor even ask for transportation or housing. Who's paying for their medical care? It's not him. Who pays for their housing which they stuff 10 families in a one bedroom apartment. At least Southern slave owners, barring the horrid abuse, housed their slaves. More than this hyprocite does. While we're on abuse, how about how the coyotes and human trafficker treat them?

He claims on the statement "what part of illegal do you know understand?" with "What part of economic reality don't we understand?" Well, I rather pay two extra bucks for my lettuce or melons if I can affordable health care (Obama care is going to be way more expensive) instead of having hospitals closing due to these dead beats. Again, Mr. Farmer, you're not paying for it, we are and at much higher price of higher melons. It's he that doesn't understand the "economic realities". He's ripping off the "immigrant" worker. He's ripping off the taxpayers by having us pay for their housing, food with food stamps, health care, crime, drugs, and education. Dude, you need to take a look in the mirror because I doubt you would hire an American. If you're really worried about Americans lining up at your door, whens the last time you lobbied against the welfare state that keeps Americans from needing your job. Oh wait, they would require you to work within the law. If you had to work within the law, you would find a way or someone would innovate something, like the Cotton gin, to make it more efficient. While you got this ignorant, illiterate peasant class from 3rd world countries with a complicit government to subsidize your labor costs, nobody is going to have a need nor desire to do so.

Frankly, I used to think businesses were either stuck with needing workers that will do the the work that Welfare kings and queens won't do, but now I realize, they're nothing but slave drivers that expect the tax payer to subsidize their labor costs, at least those that admit it. If I have to pay a bit more for my produce to eliminate the social and economic costs his slave labor costs us, so be it. It's more than what he will do as he's demonstrate he won't pay more for anything.

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