Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Casey verdict. No real surprise.

The breaking news is that Casey Anthony, the woman accused of drowning her daughter, has been acquitted of killing her. Although the case was shaky, there is 3 pieces of evidence that clearing demonstrates her guilt, and I don't care what 12 morons think: her making the accidental drowning that she claimed look like a murder. No sane person does that nor has it ever happened before in criminal justice history. Having not report the drowning or even disappearance of her child for a month. Lastly, the one missed by the jury, her character. This is one of the most stone cold hearted and evil women I've ever seen. Her demeanor, or lack thereof, showed no love, remorse, or even sorrow for the lost of her daughter. He only tears came when her character was impuned. None of her action or evidence supports this was an accidental death.

However, this verdict doesn't come as a surprise to me. The motive for her killing her daughter was that she interfered with her "liberties". She couldn't go out and party like she did for a month after her daughter died. You see, when you get to the gist of the case it was a case of a child's life vs. the mother's liberties and the jury sided with the liberties. They did find her guilty of lying to police, but concluded that it was an accident. Oh yea, I can see why a person would lie about an accident and make it look like a murder. When you get to the gist of things, we don't value the lives of our children in our society. We have abortion on demand that uses the same flawed reasoning as the jury in this case. We let the education system fail them year after year, we don't allow proper supervision and let them be self destructive, heck we've even made having hired help take on the burden was a right with child care. Heck this woman did, as one of California's senators once profess, the child has no right to life in the impunity of a woman liberty. A woman has a constitutional right to abortion and up to the age of 1 year old. All this woman did was wait a year too long.

Well, I could add if this was the father (so far nobody seems to know who he is) that comitted the murder, I doubt the verdict would be the same, thus why I feel this is a woman's liberty vs. child's life issue. I just know another evil, selfish and now murderous woman that laughed the jury when the verdict was read (think OJ and Robert Blake here folks, but they murdered adults). I just wish these were flukes instead of common verdicts.

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Andrew33 said...

Any member of that looney family or their pals could have killed (and possibly fathered) that little girl. The jury knew it. With that knowledge, you get reasonable doubt and multiple possible motives. As much as it sucks, I'd probably have to vote the same way. If there is 1 chance in a million the party charged is not guilty, I wouldn't want to live with finding out later that I helped convict an innocent person.