Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Filipinos better be careful for what they wish for.

There's an article about the BO administration and now how the HHS is forcing catholic hospitals to perform abortions and other sterilization procedures or else lose their medical licenses. This showing the disdain Obama and his minions have for the catholic church. This got me going over a discussion my wife and I had just before she left 3 months ago to establish a family business and attend a wedding that's currently going. The Filipino government is entertaining legalizing two bills, one my wife is all for, the other is not. I say on either, be careful for what you wish for as look at the consequences it's had on the United States.

What are these two bills? First is the legalization of abortions. This is the one my wife opposes and despite gaining ground in the congress, it's looking at what is going to be, for now, a sure defeat. Unlike in the US where the progessive socialist movement in our school has brainwashed our voting bodies to the secularist or humanist nonsense that unborn humans are just tissue that a woman has a right to choose whether she wants it there or not, the Filipino society isn't so crass about moral issues. The country is 85% catholic, but despite their human failings, they don't turn away from their teachings so easily. In fact, the catholic teachings are premissable in their school and shocking enough, they don't have a theocracy as all the hyper panicky secularist have here if anyone so much show an iota of Christian faith. They're living proof, despite their problem, if a politician or the voters have Christian faith, the country would fall into an oppressive theocracy. They have a constitutional democratic republic and their faith has been no threat to it (though there have been 3 failed attempts to dissolved the two chamber republic into a parliamentary government, but the people saw through the power ruse for Arroyro buying another 8 years and denied it) Getting them to agree that abortions should be openly legal is going to be horrid to them, though it's gaining ground. Planned Parenthood's lobbying is having some effect, especially their cry for "women's rights", but the women aren't complaining, at least about reproductive rights, and thus abortion has been off the table so far and looks to be again for now.

The second bill up, and this is the one my wife supports, is the legalization of divorce. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines, though you can end a marriage through annulment through the church, but it's very cost prohibited. This becoming law would be very dangerous for the Filipinos. Marriage is a scared vow there, unlike here where it's just words, a contract to be voided once it become inconvenient. Since no fault divorce was enacted, or what I call blame the men for all that went wrong divorce, marriage has becoming nothing more than a contract of convenience. Now it's so perverted and stigmatized, that unless you're gay, marriage is view as oppressive and ancient. Shoot, for the most part we reward promiscuity and punish matrimony. This I believe is from the "right to choose" mentality as family and children are disdained as being too encumbering to women. The arguments for divorce there, and it's starting to be widely accepted, is that women are in abusive marriages with no way out, not to mention the men can freely break their vows with no consequence. This is why I think the infidelity should be criminalized, not divorce being legalized. Can't have it both ways. However, what will make divorce a devastating cultural disaster for the Filipino, in my opinion, is how destructive it is here. Marriage is such a joke here that it's harder to get out of a contract for buying a refrigerator than the difficulty it is to get a divorce. Sure, the abuse of infidelity will end, but the Philippines are economically under developed. Also remember, there is no welfare, food stamps, WIC, and all the other freebies that make single motherhood so appetizing here, and that's assuming the courts will be so willing to give the mother's custody. You see as for the child support and spousal support, unlike here with the court bias against men to assured that a woman and the children are properly cared for by default as men are always blamed for the breakdown of a marriage, it's the opposite there. They go by who can best support the child and since it's the men that do the work, it's the fathers that get the children (at least in the annulments). Not to mention, family unity is the only thing that the Filipinos have that brings them strength and get them through the economically disadvantaged country as so many countries loot and take advantage, in my opinion as well as too many of their politicians. Imagine all the single fathers (or mothers should the case be) and forcing the support by the noncustodial parent having to now support two household which happens many times in the infidelities, but now will be the rule of law. Women are at a disadvantage as it is not to mention, even if it should go to the mother and the father have to support two household, there just aren't the jobs there to really support either rulings. There are a few rich men that can support their families and the mistresses, but that's the exception to the rule (as one senator has 89 children with 17 mistress. Yea you read the right). Do we really want to make this quote "acceptable"? That will shoot a big problem to an overwhelming one increasing the the thing they have that they don't need any more of, poverty. Women right groups here complain about the poverty single women are in while promoting that which got them there in the first place, mainly having children, not marrying the fathers or holding them accountable. Should the Filipinos go on that course as divorce for the most part will make couples just bypass marriage all together like we do here and just increase the illegitimate rate and make poverty so more severe.

Here in the US, we've terminated over 50 million unborn babies since Roe vs. Wade. This makes it the worse holocaust in human history only behind Mao's Cultural revolution 60 million dead and we should pass that up in just a few years. If this doesn't symbolize evil, what does? to think this is what's happening in the America. This was all started by a genocidal woman that wanted abortions used to exterminate the black race. I'm referring to the founder of Planned Parenthood, not Roe. However, this is where life becoming valueless or of lesser value started. Since the rule of law, such as it is, is if it interferes with my narcissism, then it's encumbrance of liberty. Seems the life of certain others are a part of that equation now. If we have no value at creation, then why do we have value when we're born? Because our mother didn't terminate us? Who will decide who should get medical care? If a woman can choose if a child has value, what about a government about its citizens there? That's what Obamacare is about. This, I believe has lead to the downfall of the family. Divorce has skyrocketed since not to mention the cultural decay. Many now don't even bother to get married since it's no longer benevolent nor advantageous to do so unless you're gay. Single parenthood, up, teenage pregnancy, after a short period of decline but now that abstinence is no longer being taught, is up, crime is up and now being excused by some, dropout rates, civil disorders are all up and liberties are down. Now the Filipinos are entertaining the political groups (yes, Planned Parenthood, an oxymoron, is a political group as well as an abortion mill) that created this mess to enact laws that put us on this path. Since such policies are contributors to the decline of the American empire, again in my opinion, I can only imagine the total chaos and disorder that would be created should their underdeveloped country would go through. The Philippines is possibly the only country left in the world with any Jedeo-Christians values left. It would be a shame that they allow to lose that part of their culture as it has done so much damage to a first world country, Europe in general, and frankly, it would be far more destructive to theirs.