Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama is at it again.

For one to list the complete and utter failures of this pathetic pResidency, you would need a book about 4 inches think. Foreign policies, has the logic of a Spongebob cartoon and is a complete and utterly confusing mess that God almighty couldn't reorganized to anything coherent. The economy is a mess and Obama's policies have just done nothing but throw gasoline on an open flame in its destruction going from 6% unemployment to constantly hovering between 9 to 10 percent. He's on pace to double the national debt going from 40% GNP to over 100% and still climbing. All that hoopla over raising the debt ceiling and they blame the Tea Party for it's disaster and encumbering his celestial solutions despite the ceiling being raised the most since its inception. Social issues are reaching a breaking point as the balcanization of the citizens are reaching the point of violence with the now unpunished black flash mobs and the unflinching Islamic caliphate demands like those in Dearborn. So much for being an uniter. He's shredded the constitution with his executive orders and his non "kinetic actions" of the military. Now, with his infinite wisdom (please stop laughing), he's now going to shine his glowing light on the education sector.

Anyone with a brain knows that education in this country has become a laughingstock of the world. We're pretty much dead last against industrial nations in every category, especially math and science. Heck, we're pretty far down competing against 3rd world countries. Now Obama thinks, as usual with all liberals, throwing more money at the problem is the solution. Perhaps one should look at Obama himself as a prime example why the education system is the disaster that it is, especially with college educated members.

BO thinks that the school are too decrypted and underfunded. Many of the buildings are over 30 years old, about 70%. Many do need repairs. However, these are suppose to be state issues, not the federal. I maintain you can modernized all the schools and it won't to a lick of good for one simple reason: racial and class warfare. If you want to get to the heart of why the education system is a mess, go into a classroom and listen to what's regurgitated. Actually, I should say the schools are failing in such that they're failing to educate to think critically and to teach the fundamentals of reading, writing and arthritic. Having been a teacher once, I can tell you, if you read previous posts, the education system is excellent in what its true prime directive is: promoting racial and class warfare. Go into a classroom and most students won't have a clue about history, science, English (but Spanish and many other foreign languages, that's another story), math, social studies, but sex (they know enough to make brothel workers in Nevada blush), drugs, affirmative action, civil rights, class warfare, they are complete experts.

Obama thinks we can become competitive again by making our schools more "modern". The problem is the more money that is thrown to the liberal unionized government owned and protected monopoly of public education (if we all could afford private education, I would include they have competition, but they can't so I won't. That's why vouchers are so popular, but the ignorance masses are educated to fear them.) will allowed the school to afford the "resources" to properly educate the masses. What foolishness. This is too typical of socialist liberals. They think it's a lack of toys, teachers, classrooms, etc. that is the cause of the dysfunction. Despite spending the most per student in the world, we produce at this current time perhaps the most stupid of citizens. Pouring more money into it will just yield more stupid. Obama wants to treat the symptoms of a larger problem: the disdainment of education. The primary reason education is so terrible is the entitlement mentality has made education valueless. Why get educated when you can get welfare? Why get educated when you can have Section 8? Why get educated when you can have food stamps? Why get educated when you have affirmative action? Why get educated when you can spew vulgar mindless rap, sell drugs, or get a government job that don't require you to actually be productive? Why get educated when you can sue for violating your civil rights to not be productive? Heck, we don't even require they know how to put their pants on correctly. Education isn't valued, especially those protected minorities as they're entitled to entitlements if they fail to get educated. Heck, many find being educated as being racist. How many times I was being accused to violating their civil rights and threaten with a lawsuit because I tried to discipline them for being "too black" or "too Hispanic"?

As I've stated before, two court rulings have doomed education and til they're repealed, will continue to keep this slide going: No prayer and every child is entitled (even illegal aliens) to a public education. The prayer isn't bringing down the schools as we have taken God out of the school. You want separation of "church" and state, fine. What that ruling did was take away any value system out the school. There is no right and wrong any more, just shades of gray, so if a gang banger wants to create havoc, it's their right. The teacher will take the blame for his lack of progress. What kind of discipline system can you have if all values and attitudes are equally right? The 2nd ruling is the one that continue the slide. Since every child is entitled to an education, that will include those that don't want one. Liberals can't get it through their thick skulls that you can't educate an unwilling subject. They still believe the lie that every child wants to learn. That's the first thing they teach you when you enter a teaching credential program and they propagandize that throughout the whole program as if they're trying to convince themselves, not the student teacher. You can, as one stupid idiot stated at one of these teacher union protests, pay a billion dollars per student. You're just going to get a billion dollars worth of stupid.

Obama himself, a man that has passed through life from benefiting not from excellence, I don't what anyone says, he's a moron! He's not a smart man what so ever and yet everyone continues to state he's the smartest man in the room. What scares me is that they're right which doesn't say much. Minorities are often passed without knowing anything because they don't want to learn or just plain don't care because of social promotion. A sugar coated form of affirmative action and then are shocked they don't know anything and can't pass their college classes (let's face it, they're going to get in if they want rather they have the grade or not) but are given passing grades as to avoid lawsuits. Obama himself has actually the first job in his life where he's actually expected to know something and figure out solution and will finally be held accountable. This is why his poll numbers are so horrible. He hasn't produce one solution and everything he touches turns to poop. Though I think the destruction of American is deliberate, I'm convince it's his advisors that are the brains of the operation, not him and now, they have no idea what to do at this point. Not without admitting the truth and that will destroy the whole party.

So with entitlements and affirmative action, there is no real reason for those that are doing poorly to improve. They're going to be "taken care of" regardless and then they're the one doing the complaining when it doesn't work out. As long as we have no value system, no real consequences for failure, allowing those that don't want to learn to disrupt and pollute the system and passing them a civil right, we can throw all the money in the world at it. The education will continue to fail.

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Opus #6 said...

God help us, I pray that Obama loses in 2012. Then we can go about rebuilding this once-fine nation.

Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. I emailed the blog link to the rabbi this morning. I hope he reads it and the comments. I want him to understand this issue from our point of view, especially as he prepares his sermons for the high holidays. You have been a great help.