Friday, December 9, 2016

Finally seeing the big picture.

Seems a great deal has happened to me in the last 4 years.  Only recently inspired to try blogging again, not that I think I have any better incites than any other, but given to do bigger and better things, I'm going to have to know how to tell a story, so why not start here?

God, where to begin?  I guess where things all started.  I've been trying to figure out what best to do with my God given talents though I have been all my life wondering if it just to be a pawn in cruel jokes with my life.  I thought the best means of better achievements was to go into statistics. Big data and finding out the facts within the data.  Turns out getting in proved to be more of a challenge than I anticipated since I never took an upper level statistic course while at CSUS.  Attempted to apply at 5 universities, only got accepted to two and one of them I had to do an independent study course in that missing class and get a B or higher on the Final which I was successful in doing and got into Sam Houston State University.  Oh what joy I had when I got accepted.  Little did I know what Pandora's box I opened.

First of all, I'm more of a man of action instead of theory.  I didn't do my research well enough or else I would had accepted the Applied Statistics at Ball State in Indiana, but I wanted to move to Texas so took Sam Houston State University instead.  It turned out to be disastrous.  First thing I realized was I was a bit over my head on the theory and at the time wasn't the kind that sought help from others.  A lesson I would learn too late.  I bombed the first test in Linear Statistical System and put myself in a hole I couldn't dig out, as valiant it was.  With that C in a Master program, it put me on academic probation.  With marital drama and constantly getting sick, the pressure and stress would eventually overwhelm me.  Surrounded by people who were smarter than I, I was feeling like a fool.  So much to the point I was seeking a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  Getting attached to one of the other students only complicated a horrid mess.  After being threatened with force hospitalization after getting turned in by one of the other students, and it bugs me to this day that for two weeks it was clear I was having issues, only one person intervened (or perhaps two, the day before the day I was planning to execute my plan, the dean that intervened and forced me to go to mental health had tried to see me that day which I wasn't planning to do because why bother?).  What happened at home after she found out didn't help and in the end, by one C grade, my GPA was 2.89 and was terminated for not maintaining a 3.0 even with a 2nd chance to get the A I needed to continue by passing the P1 exam (which had I don't so, would had quit Grad school and went on to be an Actuary).  I vowed if I was to ever pursue another Masters program, it would be Applied Statistics, not Statistics.  As at this point feeling like the most worthless human being on earth, I had bigger problems to solve.  The most pressing is what to do with myself.

I had locked in a job being an Apollo 20 math tutor at one of the high schools in Houston, so I knew I had work in case I failed.  At the time it was the one thing I did well: fail and make a fool of myself.  At least that's how I thought of myself.  My wife got a job in one of the prisons and the commute from Huntsville to Houston was beyond BRUTAL.  Though the training and classroom management was far superior than my failed attempt during the Project Pipeline program in 2007 in California, I came to the conclusion that teaching wasn't the job for me.  Especially, finding out later, I had a stroke during the fall semester.

I then got a position that started in early February as a factory accountant at one of prison's factories.  I got through the TDCJ cadet academy (if you work in a prison, you must learn security protocols) really well, nearly winning the Beto Award for having the highest score (missed it by one question, a FIREARM'S question no less), my health was still getting worse and nearly failed the Physical Agility Test (PAT) and little did I know, had another stroke.  Both strokes didn't do damage because the cause of my illness had a solution at the time I co-incidentally had: sugar.  Learned by flying by the seat of my pants to do the accounting job, but by July, it was clear that thought the benefits were OK, well respected by the higher bosses as well as the offenders, and pay is enough to survive, it wasn't the job I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  What was worse, the pain in my legs were getting so bad I could barely walk and was having issues with my eyes, ears, back, and fatigue.  I was looking at getting back into statistics but figure the on-line courses were the only realistic means though two offenders and two bosses from another facility thought I was aiming too low and wasting my talents working in a bus barn.  That's when it was suggested I seek a Ph'd program, not a masters.  I thought they were crazy but did look at both in statistics and what got me started getting interested in statistics: biostatistics.  But I knew if my health kept getting worse as it doomed me in the previous program, there would be no point.

By this time the pain in my feet and legs were getting so bad, I was looking at getting a wheelchair and seeking an ADA compliance suit against TDCJ.  I finally set up an appointment for a physical to get confirmation that the diagnoses in Sacramento bout my ligaments being so inflamed that I can't walk any more.  Not to mention at this time, I was now having heart problems as well.  Imagine my surprise when the doctor thought I had colon cancer.  Got confirmation that it wasn't (man I got to do THAT once a year?  UGH!) then two days later, October 13th, 2016, will be the day my life changed forever.  The cause of my sicknesses was discovered: diabetes.  My ketone's were so high, it was in orbit around the planet.  It's estimated I had been sick with Katoacidosis for 6 years.  Suddenly all the health issues that doomed so many of my apparitions all made sense.  Two weeks later nearly all the pain in my feet and legs were gone, heart rate back to normal, hearing in tune, vision stablized, and the back pain was my kidney's crying uncle. After learning that, two days later I sent in my 3 application for the Ph'd programs in biostatistics (A&M was out because of the termination) two days later.

I should be dead 10 times over, but got out of it with just some loss of feeling in my feet, but not enough to keep me down.  I figured that God isn't done with me yet and must have something big planned for me.  Thus going for a Ph'd in biostatistics where after hearing my plant managers horror stories about his cancer treatments that had him come out of retirement to pay his medical bills had me thinking, especially what happened to more innocent victims, that unlike most people, I can actually do something about it.  Thus my war against Cancer, and now Diabetes, is back on.  What can bring more glory to God than to bring his healing power to the masses.  At least that is what I hope my future career will bring.  I even know what school I like to get in of the three with their research in Cancer (with some rather unearthed treatment methods) and after seeing Dax Prescott, Tony Romo, Jason Witten and several other Cowboys (big fan here, 39 years) players and six cheerleaders in an article about visiting sick children, it's now my dream job to find better treatments and cures at a children's hospital.  I now pray that I can bring His glory by working there with my ph'd in biostatistics.  If I hadn't gotten sick or finished that program at SHSU I would either doing tedious unfulfilling work, or perhaps worse had I been in a class during those two diabetic strokes.  There would had been no cure for it and since I was completely ignorant of my diabetes, I don't think I would had survive EITHER attack.  Funny how those things work out and now having been sick, and always being vulnerable to being seriously sick to a slow and agonizing early death as I was when I finally got that physical.  I'm on a path to bring Glory to God and doing fullfilling work utilizing my talents to the maximum benefits for all of humanity and God Himself it makes all the frustrating and disappointing failings all worthwhile.  I'll treat my disease as a blessing as it keeps me focus on the bigger picture as well as I know what I'm working to relieve others from such suffering as the time and path of finding out the answer to the 2nd question Mark Twain posed that every person have (the two biggest days in a person life is the day they're born and the day they find out why).  Now that I know why I was born, getting a 2nd chance not only in becoming a statistician, but in life as I should be dead 10 times over, I'm not going to squander them.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The absurdity of the OWS's.

I've retrieved the "manifesto" of the OWS and decided this mainly drivel needs to be shown for the crazed lunacy that it is. I'm going to look at the logic of their statement and put my assessments after their "demand. Much of this reeks of Union's and Obama's socialist shrill. I'll put my

These are the List of Demands:

They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage. (yes, we're not responsible for signing loans we knew we couldn't pay back. Housing is a "right" correct? As I like to say when umpiring that goes "find it in the rule book, then I'll call it", well, "find it in the constitution and then I'll support it".)

They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses. (This I agree with, but they want more regulation and socialism. Had the original rules had been in place instead of listening to Rangle and Dobb's who claimed it was racism to maintain the rules as it discriminated against less affluent minorities)

They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. (Yea, it's called affirmative action.)

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization. (It's called socialization of agriculture and I agree, it needs to be stopped so how about cutting the regulations that favor the monopolization instead of supporting more of them?)

They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices. (In what way? Also, so what? When the first animal make a claim for their rights, then I'll join in this fight)

They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions. (That's what we have labor laws for. You mean the right to rape the employer for all they're worth and then bitch how they're mismanaged when they fail from your excessive demands.)

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right. (First, education isn't a right, it's a privilege. Second, the cost of education has skyrocketed with a DIRECT correlation to the increase of government involvement in financing them with "student aid". With the Dream Acts being enacted in CA, TX, and NM, watch for those costs to get even worse. Third, nobody forced those students to take those loans. Again, we're not responsible to pay back what we borrowed again?)

They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay. (Look at the insane demands by the Unions. They shoot the moon making our products uncompetitive and then bitch how they mismanaged. 2nd, how are we to compete when we allow countries like China to use slave wages and in some cases slave labor like free from prisoners. Heck, the main reason we can't compete against a 1st world country like Japan is that the benefits that Unions demand add $3,600 to the cost of a car. While we're add it, let's go over the repatriated taxes which not only encourages them to take the jobs oversea, but discourges them to bring them back as well as invest in added ventures here in the states. Perhaps you should face facts and realize you can't have universal benefits and expect to survive in this world economy.

They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility. (Have to agree on this one. Especially with the likes of Holder who sells weapons to murders and isn't even investigated)

They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance. (With the illegals and regulations making it so costly, it's that our joining the unemployment line.)

They have sold our privacy as a commodity. (Find where we have a right to privacy (again, find it in the rule book)? Other than government limited to searches of our property and persons without cause. With Facebook and all, how can we claim an expectation of privacy from other citizens and non-citizens alike?)

They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press. (Oh, pleeeeeease! Give me a break. The press is a shrill of the leftist Democrat Party. How is freedom of the press repressed other than you must follow the PC code and anything conservative is slandered?)

They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit. (Name one. They short on examples)

They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce. (You mean the socialist policies like Obama's and now you're demanding more of? You're quite a schizophrenic group)

They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them. (yes, it's called lobbying. I agree, it needs to be made illegal for it's nothing short of legalized bribery.)

They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil. (Yet, it's stupid hippies like you that demand we "preserve", or should I say pervert, the environment. That's why we need to drill baby drill, but you still believe that solar and wind are the panacea of the energy crisis, but it continues to make energy more scare and unreliable, not to mention unprofitable and unsustainable without gross subsidies.

They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit. (First, many of those generics they speak of come from Canada and are grossly subsidized. Second, the government keeps those cost high, and would here as well, by regulating the death of the generics. Though, I agree the drug companies have too much clout, until we get government out, other than safety protocols, drugs will continue to be expensive)

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit. (eh? What covered up accidents? Not like a spill can be "denied". More conspiracy nonsense.)

They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media. (Again, it's the left and the media are the shrill of the Democrat Party. If anyone uses the press for intimidation, it's the socialists like these bozos.)

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt. (Again, where are the details? I bet they wouldn't be so shrill if it's Christians that were being executed. Btw, prisoners are incarcerated by the state, so who the heck are these private contracts?)

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. (If anything, we're bend over backwards to avoid enserting power in other countries and what do we get in return? Betrayal and back stabbing like in Iraq where we liberated 24 million people from a butcher tyrant and they give the oil contracts to China and Russia. If this was a war for oil, we're the dumbest bunch of a$$wipes as we didn't get a drop. What this about colonialism at home? That statement doesn't make any sense.)

They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas. (Other than terrorists, name one? I guess they think Terrorists are human too, but then again they think Ayers is a hero so that doesn't surprise me.)

They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts. (It's called defense contracts. I guess they think we can provide a national defense by growing daisies and frolicking in the meadows. This is just plain "Let American die by destroying the military" mentality

Considering the norm of them are lazy parasites that would go to the ER if they ever had to do any kind of work, it comes as no surprise that their demands is nothing short of the Communist Manifesto. They claim they're leftist Tea Party. It's clear, other than the socialist bailouts of the financial sector, the Tea Party and these thugs have nothing in common. If anything, they're the antithesis of the Tea Party. We should give them their just respect and be told to get a job and join the real world, but given their past and mentality, that will be a pipedream. These "people" and I use that term likely as part of their protesting is defecating on police cars and encumber people from getting to work and obstructing economic activities, actions that not one Tea Party protest enacted, these people aren't protesting the injustice of the "social justice" cause. They're socialist, if not downright communists, that are protecting the interest of the stupid, lazy, and unproductive against the true working class and productive. Their demands, actions, and logic all support that disposition and I for one am not going to fall for it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My choice for President.

My boss has been asking me who I think looks good for the GOP ticket. It had me thinking long and hard because the early favorites don't impress me at all. Basically my response has been "what GOP candidate. So far all they've had are RINO debates". There is one man I'm finding to be the only true conservative in this whole absurd debacle that is the Republican debates but doesn't seem to be getting that much attention. At least not of late, but after his huge upset in Florida, the mainstream populace will hopefully start giving the man more attention: Herman Cain. I'll go over the pros and cons.


1) He tells it like it is. Any man that will come up and call Obama for the out and out liar that he is gains a lot of brownie points. After BO who lied that it's math not class warfare, Cain is the only one up there calling him on it. I've said we can't afford another RINO like Bush or else the country is finished and the fact the other candidates can't call it like he see it tells me they'll just play politics as usual. With Cain, we won't get the BS politic game from him.

2) He's got it right on the tax issue. He knows Obama's class warfare shot of how 80% of Americans want tax hikes was utter BS. It's that we need leadership. When you raise taxes, and that's all the dems want to do, tax and spend, it diminishes the activity you're taxing. At least at the levels we have now. Sugar coating with tax war fare with the fallacy if you double the rates you'll double the "revenue" is sheer nonsense and doesn't hold to historical facts. Especially during a recession.

3) He believes in leadership. When was the last time you saw leadership from the Presidency? It's been quite awhile. We sure haven't seen in congress in . . . heck, I don't know if I ever have or I've forgotten. It sure hasn't since January 20th, 2009 for everything from this current President has been no leadership, just bowing to enemies, apologizing for everything great about the country, and blaming everyone but himself for everything that has gone wrong which has been just about everything. If fact, Bush was terrible as well. The last time I saw any leadership from the Oval Office was after the attack on 9-11. After than, it's been all down hill. Cain knows Americans are starving for leadership. He has shown the most leadership while the others are still acting like kindergarteners feuding in the playground. This won't beat Obama.

4) He stands behinds facts. He doesn't believe in folding when the facts are behind you. We've been lead by BS and fantasy with number games with gimmicks and wishful thinking. He believes that if the facts are behind you, then as long as you stand by them, they will preserve. What does the other candidates believe in other than Obama is a terrible President (which the facts support)? They support so many ideas that aren't only not back in any facts, but continue on the same wishful thinking that has gotten us in this mess in the first place.

5) He's for limited government. The man is for shrinking the role of government. The government has grown, since 9-11, 40%. That's 40% in less than 12 years and still climbing at an exponential rate. He like to shrink the role. Though there maybe wishful thinking, especially if the GOP don't capture both houses and most likely would need 60 in the senate, but with him in there, the bleeding will definitely be slowed if not stopped as the tax and spender are going to get vetoed to death if they try to continue.

6) He doesn't believe in the ability of raising the debt. If you want one of the biggest contrast of Obama and the RINO Bush, this has got to be it. Obama has nearly doubled the debt and in less than 3 years. Cain doesn't want to have the ability to raise the debt. He compares giving Obama the means to raise the ceiling with giving a 6 year old a gun. I would add giving any politician such power, but he gets that having the means to continue to spend more than you take in is just a recipe for disaster. Something both sides, other than the tea party conservatives that are so vilified in the media, don't get. Compare that to the man that said "deficits don't matter".

7) He believes in representing his constituency over special interest. I hear a lot of pandering to special interest groups by the RINO's. The biggest being the illegal aliens and they're not suppose to be allowed to vote. Cain is rising in the polls lately and it's his responsiveness to the people and acting as a representive of THEIR interest instead of the party's or the special interest, like the big business that rely on overly cheap labor or the illegal aliens of late for the RINO's or the Unions and socialist groups like the gay mafia and Eco-terrrorists for the dems.

8) He's for common sense solutions, not politics. With all the interest of the insane and some down right evil special interest groups, a man that believe in common sense solutions rising in popularity and the polls be a surprise to you? Me neither.

9) He has disdain for the Media bias. This is where Bush's RINOism shined. When ever the media attacked him, he just let them without rebuttal and placated to their desires. What good did that do him? He ended up the most unpopular president perhaps in history (to that point). Cain knows the media is bias and doesn't care what they think. He figures, rightfully so, they're wrong on the facts and issues so will stand by the truth and common sense and let the media make fools of themselves.

10) Job number is defending the nation, not parasites. His first job, if elected, is to get a footing on national defense. That has become a bit of a joke since DHS was created by Bush and gone to the surreal with Obama. Bush and the leftist had everyone equally suspect as to not offend the Muslims, then with Obama, he suspects everyone but Muslims. They're getting passes while the rest of us get raped in order to fly, out borders are more open than ever with Holder (allegedly) providing the weapons, we're not even allowed to use Islamic terror as a term, so what the heck are we fighting against? Christian crusaders? Irish nuns seeking martyrdom? Girl Scouts sneaking in explosive cookies (there's a war there as well, but not the kind we're talking about here)? We're now not even allow to define who the enemy is. Let's not forget Obama cares more about entitlements and social engineering than his primary job of defending the people (unless they're black it seems).

11) He believes the engine of the economy is the business. His issue about removing taxes on repatriated profits is such a huge issue that gets very little play in the media and for good reason: it's why taking our jobs oversea is so attractive, other than the costs. You know that US is the only country in the world that tax oversea profits twice? If you invest in a business over seas (let's say you don't take jobs away from the US, you just open one in another country). When that business makes money, it's tax by the country where the business resides. If you should take some of that money and reinvest it here in the states, you get hit with another tax and it's the highest in the world at the corporate level. That's why business open up there, they can pay their taxes to their host country and then reinvest it there without another tax penalty. It's less expensive to first make it there, then sell it here and keep the profits there. That also is true if you make money in China and want to invest in India next. Why would anyone, except foreigners who are exempt from their countries, want to invest here?

12) He'll actually go on the Michael Savage show. Dr. Savage is hated by the LSM because he tells like it is or how he sees it. Anyone willing to go on his show can't be a true blue phoney, like say Perry.

13) He's Black. Ok, not to play the race card here, and I'm white, but I'm so sick and tired of the current president failures all being written off because of his skin color. The left has use the fact that he's black to get away, literally, with murder as any other President that had fast and furious would have his administration in handcuffs. Why not this one? You tell me. With Cain, the white hating bigots will show their true colors showing who the real bigots are as you can't contest Cain's position by attacking his race or using his race for any insane stances like executive privileged the current bozo enjoys. When all fails, you can no longer blame Bush or he's black.

14) He has business sense. This man started and franchised a pizza business that still is around today, so he know what business need to succeed. Unlike the theorist, and a miserably failed theorist at that, that reside. Cain have even got his hands dirty and made pizzas for living before opening the franchise. So he's done more literal work and have more business sense than the entire administration that hasn't done a lick of work other than walking onto and off campuses.

Now there are some drawbacks

1) His 9-9-9 plan. He wants to base tax rates at 9% for income, consumption, and corporate taxes. This is going to pose some real political headaches. His 9% fix tax isn't going to fly with either party as the working poor, even though they already pay, currently 5.65%, historically 7.65 percent. Zero for capital gains. Good luck with that. With the BS that is Wall Street, the public isn't going to let any of them keep any gains without giving something back He's a bit too cuddling to the rich at the expense of the poor. The reason why the amendment that gained the government the means to tax a person based on what they earned was because fix taxes like this was so devastating to the poor, especially the working poor. Same goes with the national sales tax. In CA where I live, we'll be paying nearly 20% extra on all consumable goods. We're taxed enough on consumption, we don't need any more. The only idea in his tax scheme that has merit is the elimination of the repatriated income. We're the only country in the world that does that and it's the main reason American companies are going over seas and staying there.

2) He's unknown. His biggest challenge, other than a lack of funds, is that he's unknown by the masses and the LSM sure isn't going to give Obama a competent opponent who's race they can't use against them.

3) He's politically nieve. He seems to have some abitious goals, but he reminds me a lot of Arnold during the recall election against Grey Davis. He has lofty goals as well, but he overlooked the challange of getting things through, especially in brain dead California, the legislature. Cain will have the same problem and it will be far worse for him with the Dems as it is for BO with the GOP. The Dem's always have and always will be the party of the slave master (just look at some of their 1870 political posters). They'll never do the bid of a conservative black man. You think Obama's race is encumbering his legacy, wait til this guy gets in. Unless a GOP house and 60 member senate is voted in, Cain will find life in the big chair isn't all it's cracked up to be getting political co-operation.

4) He's a mathematician. Bet nobody knows he's got a degree in math. Once this gets out, people are going to become apprehensive. I know as people treat me like some either freak or arrogant jacka$$. One of the biggest frustration for me is people tend to apprehensive of me as they think that I know it all (God knows, I know enough to know I don't know) or they're beneath me for my high IQ and math savvy. At least til they need a math tutor. I fear this prejudice will stick to him.

Given what's at stake, given the survival of the Republic, Cain is the only one with some sense and brains, but the public in the past tends to disdain such attributes. Go ask a math teacher as math is the most hated subject in polls, even among adults. However, this man can think and reason. More than I give the entire political machines right now and most of the voters. Math is a tough, mind straining discipline. It's not for the feeble minded, yet this man has endured. We'll get a president that can think critically, with reason, and with some sense, especially when it comes to the economy. I truly fear for the survival of the Republic and I have no faith in the current government or the voters themselves who are just as corrupt. Cain is the only one that would instill hope that you can believe in as it will at least be based on some reason other than slogans and theoretical class warfare or social engineering. Since Regan left, our Presidents have gotten progressively worse than the predecessor. Cain will be different as far as the thinking at the top level, and I for one going to have some faith for once we can stop going the leftist and socialistic course than we've been going. That is hope and a change I can believe in.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama is at it again.

For one to list the complete and utter failures of this pathetic pResidency, you would need a book about 4 inches think. Foreign policies, has the logic of a Spongebob cartoon and is a complete and utterly confusing mess that God almighty couldn't reorganized to anything coherent. The economy is a mess and Obama's policies have just done nothing but throw gasoline on an open flame in its destruction going from 6% unemployment to constantly hovering between 9 to 10 percent. He's on pace to double the national debt going from 40% GNP to over 100% and still climbing. All that hoopla over raising the debt ceiling and they blame the Tea Party for it's disaster and encumbering his celestial solutions despite the ceiling being raised the most since its inception. Social issues are reaching a breaking point as the balcanization of the citizens are reaching the point of violence with the now unpunished black flash mobs and the unflinching Islamic caliphate demands like those in Dearborn. So much for being an uniter. He's shredded the constitution with his executive orders and his non "kinetic actions" of the military. Now, with his infinite wisdom (please stop laughing), he's now going to shine his glowing light on the education sector.

Anyone with a brain knows that education in this country has become a laughingstock of the world. We're pretty much dead last against industrial nations in every category, especially math and science. Heck, we're pretty far down competing against 3rd world countries. Now Obama thinks, as usual with all liberals, throwing more money at the problem is the solution. Perhaps one should look at Obama himself as a prime example why the education system is the disaster that it is, especially with college educated members.

BO thinks that the school are too decrypted and underfunded. Many of the buildings are over 30 years old, about 70%. Many do need repairs. However, these are suppose to be state issues, not the federal. I maintain you can modernized all the schools and it won't to a lick of good for one simple reason: racial and class warfare. If you want to get to the heart of why the education system is a mess, go into a classroom and listen to what's regurgitated. Actually, I should say the schools are failing in such that they're failing to educate to think critically and to teach the fundamentals of reading, writing and arthritic. Having been a teacher once, I can tell you, if you read previous posts, the education system is excellent in what its true prime directive is: promoting racial and class warfare. Go into a classroom and most students won't have a clue about history, science, English (but Spanish and many other foreign languages, that's another story), math, social studies, but sex (they know enough to make brothel workers in Nevada blush), drugs, affirmative action, civil rights, class warfare, they are complete experts.

Obama thinks we can become competitive again by making our schools more "modern". The problem is the more money that is thrown to the liberal unionized government owned and protected monopoly of public education (if we all could afford private education, I would include they have competition, but they can't so I won't. That's why vouchers are so popular, but the ignorance masses are educated to fear them.) will allowed the school to afford the "resources" to properly educate the masses. What foolishness. This is too typical of socialist liberals. They think it's a lack of toys, teachers, classrooms, etc. that is the cause of the dysfunction. Despite spending the most per student in the world, we produce at this current time perhaps the most stupid of citizens. Pouring more money into it will just yield more stupid. Obama wants to treat the symptoms of a larger problem: the disdainment of education. The primary reason education is so terrible is the entitlement mentality has made education valueless. Why get educated when you can get welfare? Why get educated when you can have Section 8? Why get educated when you can have food stamps? Why get educated when you have affirmative action? Why get educated when you can spew vulgar mindless rap, sell drugs, or get a government job that don't require you to actually be productive? Why get educated when you can sue for violating your civil rights to not be productive? Heck, we don't even require they know how to put their pants on correctly. Education isn't valued, especially those protected minorities as they're entitled to entitlements if they fail to get educated. Heck, many find being educated as being racist. How many times I was being accused to violating their civil rights and threaten with a lawsuit because I tried to discipline them for being "too black" or "too Hispanic"?

As I've stated before, two court rulings have doomed education and til they're repealed, will continue to keep this slide going: No prayer and every child is entitled (even illegal aliens) to a public education. The prayer isn't bringing down the schools as we have taken God out of the school. You want separation of "church" and state, fine. What that ruling did was take away any value system out the school. There is no right and wrong any more, just shades of gray, so if a gang banger wants to create havoc, it's their right. The teacher will take the blame for his lack of progress. What kind of discipline system can you have if all values and attitudes are equally right? The 2nd ruling is the one that continue the slide. Since every child is entitled to an education, that will include those that don't want one. Liberals can't get it through their thick skulls that you can't educate an unwilling subject. They still believe the lie that every child wants to learn. That's the first thing they teach you when you enter a teaching credential program and they propagandize that throughout the whole program as if they're trying to convince themselves, not the student teacher. You can, as one stupid idiot stated at one of these teacher union protests, pay a billion dollars per student. You're just going to get a billion dollars worth of stupid.

Obama himself, a man that has passed through life from benefiting not from excellence, I don't what anyone says, he's a moron! He's not a smart man what so ever and yet everyone continues to state he's the smartest man in the room. What scares me is that they're right which doesn't say much. Minorities are often passed without knowing anything because they don't want to learn or just plain don't care because of social promotion. A sugar coated form of affirmative action and then are shocked they don't know anything and can't pass their college classes (let's face it, they're going to get in if they want rather they have the grade or not) but are given passing grades as to avoid lawsuits. Obama himself has actually the first job in his life where he's actually expected to know something and figure out solution and will finally be held accountable. This is why his poll numbers are so horrible. He hasn't produce one solution and everything he touches turns to poop. Though I think the destruction of American is deliberate, I'm convince it's his advisors that are the brains of the operation, not him and now, they have no idea what to do at this point. Not without admitting the truth and that will destroy the whole party.

So with entitlements and affirmative action, there is no real reason for those that are doing poorly to improve. They're going to be "taken care of" regardless and then they're the one doing the complaining when it doesn't work out. As long as we have no value system, no real consequences for failure, allowing those that don't want to learn to disrupt and pollute the system and passing them a civil right, we can throw all the money in the world at it. The education will continue to fail.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just when BO start to shows he finally gets it, he doesn't.

Obama for the first time that I can remember, or so long between correct course of action that I can't remember, had done something right and surprised me. The what would be the final nail in the coffin of any more job growth in the evil and destructive Gaia worshiping EPA emissions standards has been nixed. Now will any of this is to remain in effect when 2013 comes should by the worse miracle in US history, or should I say curse, that this president get re-elected will remain to be seen. As for now, business interests have a 15 month reprieve for now. I was beginning to think that he actually grew a brain and started to get that if his oppressive policies goes into effect and creates a depression that we're so teetering on (though I believe we're in it and it's just not reported as such), it will finish him off as well as his party. As long as the illusion that things are turning around, he can attempt to bamboozle the people into thinking he's doing something constructive. Regardless, the right thing was done.

Then he goes and proves me right that he still doesn't have a clue about rebounding the economy. He wants to pass a jobs bill, if you want to call it that, that FDR would be proud of: infrastructure reconstruction. Though I agree we do need to revamp our crumbling infrastructure, I find a few things wrong and lacking. First, he doesn't mention who will do the work. If it's the public workers with their unionized workers, then no thanks. I see how well Caltrans works here, and I truly believe these people are given IQ tests and the bottom 10% are the only ones allowed to work for the state agency. Take a look at the shoddy work as California's roads are ranked the worse by AAA and their surveys. The poor work they do and how much of bureaucracy they truly are. When I was returning from my Disneyland trip back to Sacramento, we were making good time on I-5 and then I hit Elk Grove and 18 miles of Caltrans work. Only thing, only 1/2 of a mile was being worked on, so I couldn't make my destination for 17 1/2 miles because they wanted to get in the way and flex their muscles I guess. One thing for sure, they weren't working on that part of the road. What's worse, take a good time to observe what goes on at these sites, and it's hard not to notice since you're not actually being able to move, more than 4 out of 5 workers aren't doing anything but standing around or doing perfunctory duties. I have to wonder how much above the private sector worker who would be fired for such laziness and inefficiently, not to mention the backlash for delaying the working class by blocking off so much unnecessarily, are they being paid better? Given how much of a big government and union bed buddy Obama is I don't hold much hope of funds going to bidding private companies.

Let's suppose by another major miracle, that Obama has a bidding war by the private sector and funds are rewarded for the infrastructure work, one, where is the money going to come from, and 2, this more or less addresses the symptom not the cause of the recession: government intrusion. As much as I like to see the private sector back to work, our current state of fiscal decadence isn't able to support such a project. At least not while we're giving so much in handouts and entitlements. However, it shows how Obama continues to believe that government is the solution, not the problem. It's more government projects, government stimulus that didn't work before, more bigger government. Should the economy be recovering and these are addressing the needs for the growing economy, then I would say go for it as long as it going to the private sector and not the incompetent public labor and their unions. If it was for a supporting role, perhaps this would make sense.

When you get to the bare bones of the issue at hand as far as the job creation demand for the economy, Obama is pumping up his government is the end all for all things and has no real investment for turning things around and allowing the market to recover and let it grow and stimulate us out of this recession. It's more socialistic big government WPA programs and this explosion of government is why, as Reagan state it best, "government isn't the solution to our problems, government IS the problem" and we will still continue to struggle for economic and job growth. Until Obama learns that, and there's no reason what so ever that he ever will since it goes contrary to everything he believes in, we will continue on this road to stagnation and until he or any other leftist radical is out of white house and are a minority in the congress, none of that is going to change.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Filipinos better be careful for what they wish for.

There's an article about the BO administration and now how the HHS is forcing catholic hospitals to perform abortions and other sterilization procedures or else lose their medical licenses. This showing the disdain Obama and his minions have for the catholic church. This got me going over a discussion my wife and I had just before she left 3 months ago to establish a family business and attend a wedding that's currently going. The Filipino government is entertaining legalizing two bills, one my wife is all for, the other is not. I say on either, be careful for what you wish for as look at the consequences it's had on the United States.

What are these two bills? First is the legalization of abortions. This is the one my wife opposes and despite gaining ground in the congress, it's looking at what is going to be, for now, a sure defeat. Unlike in the US where the progessive socialist movement in our school has brainwashed our voting bodies to the secularist or humanist nonsense that unborn humans are just tissue that a woman has a right to choose whether she wants it there or not, the Filipino society isn't so crass about moral issues. The country is 85% catholic, but despite their human failings, they don't turn away from their teachings so easily. In fact, the catholic teachings are premissable in their school and shocking enough, they don't have a theocracy as all the hyper panicky secularist have here if anyone so much show an iota of Christian faith. They're living proof, despite their problem, if a politician or the voters have Christian faith, the country would fall into an oppressive theocracy. They have a constitutional democratic republic and their faith has been no threat to it (though there have been 3 failed attempts to dissolved the two chamber republic into a parliamentary government, but the people saw through the power ruse for Arroyro buying another 8 years and denied it) Getting them to agree that abortions should be openly legal is going to be horrid to them, though it's gaining ground. Planned Parenthood's lobbying is having some effect, especially their cry for "women's rights", but the women aren't complaining, at least about reproductive rights, and thus abortion has been off the table so far and looks to be again for now.

The second bill up, and this is the one my wife supports, is the legalization of divorce. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines, though you can end a marriage through annulment through the church, but it's very cost prohibited. This becoming law would be very dangerous for the Filipinos. Marriage is a scared vow there, unlike here where it's just words, a contract to be voided once it become inconvenient. Since no fault divorce was enacted, or what I call blame the men for all that went wrong divorce, marriage has becoming nothing more than a contract of convenience. Now it's so perverted and stigmatized, that unless you're gay, marriage is view as oppressive and ancient. Shoot, for the most part we reward promiscuity and punish matrimony. This I believe is from the "right to choose" mentality as family and children are disdained as being too encumbering to women. The arguments for divorce there, and it's starting to be widely accepted, is that women are in abusive marriages with no way out, not to mention the men can freely break their vows with no consequence. This is why I think the infidelity should be criminalized, not divorce being legalized. Can't have it both ways. However, what will make divorce a devastating cultural disaster for the Filipino, in my opinion, is how destructive it is here. Marriage is such a joke here that it's harder to get out of a contract for buying a refrigerator than the difficulty it is to get a divorce. Sure, the abuse of infidelity will end, but the Philippines are economically under developed. Also remember, there is no welfare, food stamps, WIC, and all the other freebies that make single motherhood so appetizing here, and that's assuming the courts will be so willing to give the mother's custody. You see as for the child support and spousal support, unlike here with the court bias against men to assured that a woman and the children are properly cared for by default as men are always blamed for the breakdown of a marriage, it's the opposite there. They go by who can best support the child and since it's the men that do the work, it's the fathers that get the children (at least in the annulments). Not to mention, family unity is the only thing that the Filipinos have that brings them strength and get them through the economically disadvantaged country as so many countries loot and take advantage, in my opinion as well as too many of their politicians. Imagine all the single fathers (or mothers should the case be) and forcing the support by the noncustodial parent having to now support two household which happens many times in the infidelities, but now will be the rule of law. Women are at a disadvantage as it is not to mention, even if it should go to the mother and the father have to support two household, there just aren't the jobs there to really support either rulings. There are a few rich men that can support their families and the mistresses, but that's the exception to the rule (as one senator has 89 children with 17 mistress. Yea you read the right). Do we really want to make this quote "acceptable"? That will shoot a big problem to an overwhelming one increasing the the thing they have that they don't need any more of, poverty. Women right groups here complain about the poverty single women are in while promoting that which got them there in the first place, mainly having children, not marrying the fathers or holding them accountable. Should the Filipinos go on that course as divorce for the most part will make couples just bypass marriage all together like we do here and just increase the illegitimate rate and make poverty so more severe.

Here in the US, we've terminated over 50 million unborn babies since Roe vs. Wade. This makes it the worse holocaust in human history only behind Mao's Cultural revolution 60 million dead and we should pass that up in just a few years. If this doesn't symbolize evil, what does? to think this is what's happening in the America. This was all started by a genocidal woman that wanted abortions used to exterminate the black race. I'm referring to the founder of Planned Parenthood, not Roe. However, this is where life becoming valueless or of lesser value started. Since the rule of law, such as it is, is if it interferes with my narcissism, then it's encumbrance of liberty. Seems the life of certain others are a part of that equation now. If we have no value at creation, then why do we have value when we're born? Because our mother didn't terminate us? Who will decide who should get medical care? If a woman can choose if a child has value, what about a government about its citizens there? That's what Obamacare is about. This, I believe has lead to the downfall of the family. Divorce has skyrocketed since not to mention the cultural decay. Many now don't even bother to get married since it's no longer benevolent nor advantageous to do so unless you're gay. Single parenthood, up, teenage pregnancy, after a short period of decline but now that abstinence is no longer being taught, is up, crime is up and now being excused by some, dropout rates, civil disorders are all up and liberties are down. Now the Filipinos are entertaining the political groups (yes, Planned Parenthood, an oxymoron, is a political group as well as an abortion mill) that created this mess to enact laws that put us on this path. Since such policies are contributors to the decline of the American empire, again in my opinion, I can only imagine the total chaos and disorder that would be created should their underdeveloped country would go through. The Philippines is possibly the only country left in the world with any Jedeo-Christians values left. It would be a shame that they allow to lose that part of their culture as it has done so much damage to a first world country, Europe in general, and frankly, it would be far more destructive to theirs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Casey verdict. No real surprise.

The breaking news is that Casey Anthony, the woman accused of drowning her daughter, has been acquitted of killing her. Although the case was shaky, there is 3 pieces of evidence that clearing demonstrates her guilt, and I don't care what 12 morons think: her making the accidental drowning that she claimed look like a murder. No sane person does that nor has it ever happened before in criminal justice history. Having not report the drowning or even disappearance of her child for a month. Lastly, the one missed by the jury, her character. This is one of the most stone cold hearted and evil women I've ever seen. Her demeanor, or lack thereof, showed no love, remorse, or even sorrow for the lost of her daughter. He only tears came when her character was impuned. None of her action or evidence supports this was an accidental death.

However, this verdict doesn't come as a surprise to me. The motive for her killing her daughter was that she interfered with her "liberties". She couldn't go out and party like she did for a month after her daughter died. You see, when you get to the gist of the case it was a case of a child's life vs. the mother's liberties and the jury sided with the liberties. They did find her guilty of lying to police, but concluded that it was an accident. Oh yea, I can see why a person would lie about an accident and make it look like a murder. When you get to the gist of things, we don't value the lives of our children in our society. We have abortion on demand that uses the same flawed reasoning as the jury in this case. We let the education system fail them year after year, we don't allow proper supervision and let them be self destructive, heck we've even made having hired help take on the burden was a right with child care. Heck this woman did, as one of California's senators once profess, the child has no right to life in the impunity of a woman liberty. A woman has a constitutional right to abortion and up to the age of 1 year old. All this woman did was wait a year too long.

Well, I could add if this was the father (so far nobody seems to know who he is) that comitted the murder, I doubt the verdict would be the same, thus why I feel this is a woman's liberty vs. child's life issue. I just know another evil, selfish and now murderous woman that laughed the jury when the verdict was read (think OJ and Robert Blake here folks, but they murdered adults). I just wish these were flukes instead of common verdicts.